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Perfect Guidelines :: Hiring Staff

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1Perfect Guidelines :: Hiring Staff Empty Perfect Guidelines :: Hiring Staff on 2010-02-25, 13:06

Now that we are ready to roll out this forum, we’re currently looking for a few people, to help around the site and join our support and moderation team.

I know a few people are interested in being a moderator on Chitchatters forum, but I figured it would be good to post about it again just to make sure who’s in or out.

So what will be required of you being a moderator on Chitcatters forum?

For now you will help keep the peace on the forum once it goes public. You’ll also remove spam type posts and/or comments. You’ll also have the ability to block or ban users who violate the forum rules, policies and guidelines.

Speaking of forum rules, policies and guidelines, they are still being ironed out but whoever gets accepted to be a moderator will help shape those rules. We do have some general rules to use as a base, but it would be good to get some moderator feedback on it since you will be part of the team here.

I’m also thinking it would be good to have moderators in different timezones around the world to help keep things running smooth morning, noon and night.

Ok, so if you are interested in helping out on CC by filling moderation positions getting ready to open up, contact us directly with the subject “moderator position”. Be sure to let us know where you are located and any experience you have in forum moderation and why you feel you would be a good moderator for CC.

Feel free to trash if it is invalid.

- The Driver

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I think they can also go here execpt of doing a PM!

Here you can also apply!

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^^ i have sent you a PM. please read.

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